Minimalism. Focusing only on the important for you.

Minimalism is a philosophy, which is interested for me.

Minimalism probably mean to use and owns only as little as possible.

Minimalism mean for me for example:

  • avoid not needed e-mail messages
  • delete not needed e-mail messages just now
  • delete duplicated files in your computer
  • one phone number is maybe enough for you
  • you maybe do not need to have a pet, because the worries
  • get rid of things, you do not need or do not use
  • do not buy things, you do not need or will not use
  • avoid mess around you (place, you live, car, you use, files and digital devices you use)
  • try to focus only on the areas, which can help you to be more close to your goals- for example: I know, there is a C# programming language, but its knowledge gives me probably not much value, Spring is a more better area for me. Make the areas you want to focus clear. Use priorities. For example, in my case, Spring has a lot higher priority than a JUnit now. But, I believe, one day, maybe this year, my Spring knowledge will reach a level, when I want to learn more about JUnit. The priorities can be sometimes pretty changeable. But I think, for example, the Cobol programming language will have almost zero priority for me forever, because Cobol knowledge gives almost no value for me and my career.

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