Which operating system to use for work?

The operating system, that would match your needs as much as possible may differ based on your needs.

I am a programmer (mostly Java). I feel, that the Linux mostly matches my needs. It is a powerful full featured operating system now. Many things changed since 1992, when Linux was created. I am using Linux full time now.

But I was using some Microsoft Windows operating systems once (Windows 95, Windows 95, Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10). Windows is not free, it has no open source code and you need to buy a licence to use this operating system. It is obvious, that if you use for your work (or probably programming) some Microsoft platform only specific technologic, then Linux maybe is not for you.

I like Linux. It is free, powerful and providing everything I need. There is also the thing, Linux does not order me some stupid (but maybe needed) updates. Linux is widely used as a server operating system and that is another good thing to me. The choice to control everything via the command line is also the another thing.

MacOS discourages me, because of the prices. You may buy some MacOS to show other people, you have money. But that is not all. I would probably not use MacOS in case of being the richest human on the world. You may use MacOS because of its design. But I do not like MacOS.

Everybody is different, you may disagree with me. You may hate Linux. I do not know.

Linux, Windows and MacOS are not the only operating systems. There are many others. I like all the operating systems, in fact. I like the diversity, which is certainly needed. But it does not mean I will use all of them.

For example ReactOS, it is free and aiming to be similar to Windows (there is also some compatibility). But operating systems like ReactOS are not stable and not widely used.

But there may be an operating system, I do not know and which is stable and maybe matches more my needs than Linux.

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