Will be all the human knowledge lost one day?

The human knowledge is increasing every second. It is more than 3 000 years, this progress has started.

There are many areas of human knowledge. Every human almost every second generates some actions. These actions can make some useful results for another people.

But every knowledge can become obsolete one day more and more.

Some knowledge may never become obsolete. For example multiplication- mathematics operation.

But consider Basic, for example. Basic is a programming languages, which was widely used thirty years ago and earlier. But now there is not many people using it. Basic is not modern nowdays, but studying it may give you some new view.

The problem is, the Earth is here no forever. Our civilization is here no forever. We do not know, if our descendants will be able to find another planet suitable for life in the future. The universe may end one day.

Will be able to save our knowledge?

Will be valuable the geography knowledge, if the Earth will may no more be here one day. Did you want to learn details about a planet, which existed 100 milions years ago before its destruction.

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